Pulmuone Kimchi Museum

Posted on February 14, 2011


My trip to the Kimchi Museum in Seoul was INCREDIBLE!!  Over 80 or more varieties of kimchi are exhibited with kimchi models. So many new varieties of kimchi to try out this summer…. eggplant kimchi!  And the Spring Kimchi looks a lot like Ramp/ Garlic Green Kimchee!

The Pulmuone Kimchi Museum initially opened in Pil-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul in 1986
and moved to the Korea World Trade Center in Samseong-dong, Seoul during the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. The museum opened the Kimchi Museum College in 1993 to offer courses on kimchi and traditional foods for adults, foreigners, and children, and it is promoting the excellence and diversity of Korean food through exhibitions such as ‘Temple
Kimchi’ and ‘Aesthetic of  Beautiful Kimchi for a Stimulating Palate’, as well
as offering educational programs such as ‘Mobile Museum’, and ‘I ♥ K (Korea & Kimchi).’
“The word Kimchi has 2 possible origins. Some people believe that it evolved from the native Korean words ji or jimchae (meaning vegetables soaked in salted water), then later changed its pronunciation to timchae or dimchae, then to jimchi, and finally kimchi Another possible origin is as a Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character Ham-tse or Kam-tse (meaning processed with salted water or pickle vegetables).

The earliest recorded account of kimchi is found in the Book of Si-Kyong (a collection of Chinese poetry that was written between 2,600 and 3,000 years ago). It contains a stanza which says, “a cucumber has grown on the bank of the field, and pickle it for worshiping ancestor.” This worship was wishing longevity and happiness.” from http://www.lifeinkorea.com/

Below are 2 dioramas showing the process of making kimchee.

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